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Give me a challenge...

Testing the challenges and giving you the verdict!

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The sidebar has links to each challenges individual posts (underneath the tags section). This is where you can have your posts listed and can check out updates on certain challenges.

This post will also contain general updates and information.

50 Book Challenge
hand, butterfly
As an avid reader, I decided to complete this challenge. I managed to complete it a full two months before my deadline, perhaps a little more (since I didn't count a number of reads in my initial count). Behind the cut is my 50 books.

50 Books in 1 yearCollapse )

Feel free to ask me about any of the books listed. Links lead to amazon.

200 Situps attempt 2 - Week 1
For starters, I've been trying to log my workouts on the Situps Logger and it just isn't working, something is wrong with it, which is annoying!

However; this week has been completed successfully. Day 1 on Monday, 2 on Wednesday, and 3 today (Saturday). My max this week has been 20 all three days, which I think is good for me! Today was not good though, as my bra was digging into my back and I couldn't get it into a comfy position (tmi maybe? Sorry!) and I just feel ill. Must've been that Indian I had earlier! But I completed this week and am ready for the next, with a new family addition of a Wii Fit! Hehe XD

26 Things
hand, butterfly
A little background on this challenge for me. I heard about it a while ago, then decided I wanted to do it as a part of my mission101. Since I wasn't sure when they were next going to do the challenge, I had decided to just do the last one they had on the site (from June 08, I think), which was just to take a picture of one thing for every letter of the alphabet. I had even started to do it, too, but then I noticed that they posted a new challenge in January 09, and opted to do that one instead.

I didn't actually get all the pictures taken in January, due to personal things going on at the time, and my desire to keep all the photos within my 365 days challenge as well, so I finished about a week into February. Oops :)

At any rate, behind the cut is my montage of 26 things, according to how they were listed on the website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me :)

MontageCollapse )